Miley Brands Grill Rubs & Spices


Our catering business has been in operation for over 25 years, serving an assortment of culinary creations by Executive Chef Greg Miley and his team. From Prime Rib and salmon to his signature dishes, Greg’s always has said,” we will fix just about anything, anywhere, anytime”. He learned the art of BBQ while living and working in Houston. That’s where are all purpose seasoning and rub was born. In the early 80’s Greg was a team member of one of Houston’s finest BBQ teams. From then until now his team has created culinary dishes for the American Cancer Society, BMW, Mercedes Benz and hundreds of wedding and other venues. “Our food is unique and is prepared in most cases onsite. I just want everyone to taste something wonderful that they might not prepare for themselves”.


IBBQ4U catering has no set menu or price. Every client is different and it with that respect we custom design a menu that is delicious and tantalizing. Please allow us to be a part of your celebration.