Miley Brands Grill Rubs & Spices

New Catering Venture

Miley Brands Catering has enjoyed creating culinary dishes for over 30 years. In the last five years we've cooked alongside Hungry Hound BBQ.

We are excited to join the companies together and look forward to catering for you.

Written by Liz Funk — January 17, 2016

The Story Of Each Grill Rub & Seasoning

Miley Brand products are the result of competitions and hundreds of specialty food venues. Each product is professionally blended for your enjoyment in a State of the Art blending and packaging facility, not too far from Spokane. It is our pleasure to offer our “first four” blends for your enjoyment.


The All purpose Rub and Seasoning was originally blended for competitions in Texas and at the time it was used exclusively on beef brisket and chicken. In the early 80’s the meat that was prepared and judged, using our product as a rub, was an all-round champion at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Over 100,000 people were able to taste the goodness and we know you will to. At the time know one would have guessed this product would be delicious on vegetables and eggs. Someone has said, “ It’s good on everything, except cheerios.


An interesting challenge created the Beef Rub and Seasoning. Originally blended for use on Prime Rib, the rub and seasoning took the place of several people hand rubbing hundreds of choice beef rib roasts with olive oil then topping with a paste of garlic, black pepper, and a few secret ingredients. Slow cooked to a beautiful medium rare and sliced ¾ in thick the beef had this sensational crust of the seasonings and when paired with a cabernet created a dining experience. Try it as well on grilled asparagus and finished with fresh garlic and balsamic vinegar.


Ole’ Ole’ down San Antonio way prompted the creation of the Southwest Rub and Seasoning. The air was filled with the fragrances of grilled peppers and onions side by side with zesty chicken strips on a smoking hot cast iron skillet. The fresh tortillas were filled with these goodies and topped with sour cream and guacamole.

We wanted you to experience this at home. Whether its beef or chicken try it as well on fish and veggies. Soon you will be dancing and singing with joy.


Not too long ago blackened “anything” was a feature of eateries everywhere. The Blackened Rub and Seasoning grew out of the desire to make the taste sensation a new experience on fish and meat. The zesty flavor with a touch of heat can make any preparation come alive and the kitchen will invite everyone to see what’s cooking. Salmon and halibut are suggested introductions to “flash searing”. At home it is easy by sprinkling the desired amount on each side of your preparation. Then place the item in a thick walled skillet with semi smoking hot olive oil. Cook one minute then turn and cook one more minute. Take the skillet off the heat and wait a couple of minutes. The skillet can now be returned to the stove under a medium low heat. When the desired doneness has been reached, plate it and enjoy.


Written by Leah Masten — January 30, 2014

New Retail Locations

We are excited to announce that Miley Brands Grill Rubs & Spices are now available in the Midwest, and we welcome additional restaurants and retailers.

Written by Greg Miley — January 29, 2014